Thank You, Mat

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2 måneder siden

Hard earned and well deserved.
Thank you, @mathewfras. Best wishes to the 5 time Fittest on Earth. #ryourogue #HWPO

Mo Gilleland
Mo Gilleland 6 dager siden
Damn..this made me cry.❤
Vaivaswat D Singh
Vaivaswat D Singh 11 dager siden
All the best
SonicBoom 14 dager siden
Undeniably the the 🐐. Rich was good but isn't on Mats level
Ryan Ashley
Ryan Ashley 16 dager siden
The 76 people who didn't like this all go to Mayhem...
063.Hunxdro 16 dager siden
I saw this CrossFit video, and now I want to be like mat 👌🏼 I have a lot of work to do but I’ll get there I hope 🤞🏼
siralf1979 18 dager siden
As with all... must clean out the system before starting a family. I've noticed lots of games athletes who didn't place as high as a year before,.ended up starting a family shortly after.
Barbell Rookie
Barbell Rookie 21 dag siden
This is SO TOUCHING! I love Rogue Fitness.
William Harrell
William Harrell 23 dager siden
It was enjoyable watching him compete in the games.
Oliver Scott
Oliver Scott 27 dager siden
Me when I find out who disliked the video, "I only want to talk to him(Loads shotg-n), I only want to talk to him"(Quote from Family guy)
Dione Rhodes
Dione Rhodes Måned siden
Nnnnooooo!!! 😭😭😭 Dont go Matt!! 😠 Well i still have ur pic on my wall 4 inspiration. Just one of the greatest ever. Much love...💕💕💪
Drum bum
Drum bum Måned siden
zero, zero, zero, zero...
Michael Raymond
Michael Raymond Måned siden
Rogue's editor is phenominal
Peter B
Peter B Måned siden
Are cross fit athletes tested?
Zac Blonien
Zac Blonien Måned siden
Thank you sir
Andre Lozano
Andre Lozano Måned siden
gianfranco Razzeto
gianfranco Razzeto Måned siden
Nobody was able to compete with him... the man was always hungry
Jorge Souza
Jorge Souza Måned siden
Agustin Amura
Agustin Amura Måned siden
Иван Винокуров
Иван Винокуров Måned siden
есть перевод?/?/??/
cesar millan
cesar millan Måned siden
Que gran deportista.
Roma Scopa
Roma Scopa Måned siden
Diego Antonio Ramirez
Diego Antonio Ramirez Måned siden
Imagine being so strong that’ a company that strives in the strength and fitness game is telling you thanks. Good job Mat
Anon Mouse
Anon Mouse 2 måneder siden
DO NOT BUY ANY ROGUE FITNESS anything!!!! They are liars and act like they are big military supporters. They are data minors and ask if you are military that way they can say they are supporting the military. They use flags in their advertisement subdued in the background so they are not illegal in using the flag in advertising. ENOUGH of the right wingers acting like the are patriotic when they are just hiding behind the flag so they can be racist!
J Andrade
J Andrade 2 måneder siden
💪🏻💪🏻💙 Lo amo, siempre fue y será mi Campeón 🏆🏆🏆 XOXO desde #Ecuador🇪🇨🙋🏻‍♂️💘
Juri Naumann
Juri Naumann 2 måneder siden
Please pick up these words of him in the next documentary, it's so epic
Alvaro kasten
Alvaro kasten 2 måneder siden
Hey the man! 💪🏽
diego armando
diego armando 2 måneder siden
number 23., what a nice coincidence!!!
Dallace Mirza
Dallace Mirza 2 måneder siden
I was sure Mat would have gone undefeated at the games for another 2 years..... I don’t believe there is anyone in the field who could have come even close to him or his level. It’s like he came back each year with another gear that was not thought possible. He is without doubt the best thing in CrossFit.
Monique Brown
Monique Brown 2 måneder siden
👊🏿good luck in you next endeavor Mat, GOD Bless💜🙏🏿
Damoforce 2 måneder siden
The Michael Jordan of Crossfit. Refuses to lose and makes people stall taller around him
Israel Reyes
Israel Reyes 2 måneder siden
Absolutamente el mejor gracias Mat
Jorge Souza
Jorge Souza 2 måneder siden
Mat, The best
samu 2 måneder siden
The sad thing is that in his entire career he couldn't made a single pull up 😞
Francesco Fortin
Francesco Fortin 2 måneder siden
One of the greatest athlete in the fintess world .You are the sport Mat. thank u
Kotian anna Fitness
Kotian anna Fitness 2 måneder siden
Hi bro big fan here 🤝 Going to support u everytime I see your video
Maury D
Maury D 2 måneder siden
L E A D E R .....for ever
B. P.
B. P. 2 måneder siden
Awesome! And, I am incredibly jealous of your abilities!!
ante ap
ante ap 2 måneder siden
One and only MAT FRASER !!! Respect 💪🏻
PaiNoobFilhoPro 2 måneder siden
Wasif Khan
Wasif Khan 2 måneder siden
The J
The J 2 måneder siden
I am curious what the long term effects are of these crossfitters. All the over training on thier muscles and joints, both positive and negative. If they keep doing this as a lifestyle well into there 60s or 70s.
The J
The J 2 måneder siden
@Rachel Barters true but they didn't start in thier 20s. I mean the full longevity of thier lives.
Rachel Barters
Rachel Barters 2 måneder siden
You could just go watch some videos of the people doing CrossFit who are IN their 60s and 70s. Lots of competitors in that age group.
Hamidreza Rezaei
Hamidreza Rezaei 2 måneder siden
and love you mat
Tom Coles
Tom Coles 2 måneder siden
Worlds fastest exerciser
Lovenish Beriwal
Lovenish Beriwal 2 måneder siden
Gamaliel 2 måneder siden
Thank you Mat
FITMAN 2 måneder siden
laettis 2 måneder siden
"What are you doing when no one is looking." Man, that Documentary intro of Mat couple of years ago is some of the best intro's I've ever watched.
John-Edward Sanchez
John-Edward Sanchez 2 måneder siden
Dude should take some acting classes so he can play Wolverine. Built exactly how Logan should look.
Alberto0 2 måneder siden
el puto jefe!!!
David Lopez
David Lopez 2 måneder siden
thanks for all the ways you inspire me and young men like me matt, always striving for greatness
diego armando
diego armando 2 måneder siden
do crossfitters get drug tested''''????
Seltzer water is good
Seltzer water is good 2 måneder siden
How did he die?
SomeRandomGuy 2 måneder siden
he isn't dead
Crush42 Mash
Crush42 Mash 2 måneder siden
What a beast, thanks Matt you inspired soooo many! You’re the champ in my book! You have a great legacy. 🇨🇦
David FR
David FR 2 måneder siden
Amazing video! Thanks ROGUE! Thanks Mr. FRA5ER!
FoodFit 2 måneder siden cosa è il functional bodybuilding?
J Med
J Med 2 måneder siden
it's great to hear him say that last line... well deserved.
Abhijeet Sharma
Abhijeet Sharma 2 måneder siden
Thank you❤ Matt. Love n respect frm India 🇮🇳
Ingrid Pinzón
Ingrid Pinzón 2 måneder siden
Gonna miss him competing at that very high level 😔
Vegaman 2 måneder siden
Sergio Torres
Sergio Torres 2 måneder siden
Inspiration ❤️
Dustin 2 måneder siden
This is what peak natty looks like.... said no1
Volrion 2 måneder siden
Ginjabredman 2 måneder siden
he retired?
Benjamin Evans
Benjamin Evans 2 måneder siden
You will be missed from the Games.
David Hooper
David Hooper 2 måneder siden
It wouldn’t make much money if any but CrossFit is dying and with his work ethic and more than solid fundamentals of Olympic lifts I would like to see if he can compete at the Olympic level.
John C
John C 2 måneder siden
He retired?
Charmquark Downspin
Charmquark Downspin 2 måneder siden
Crossfit is a cult of dwarves.
Sebo Bo
Sebo Bo 2 måneder siden
My favorite natural crossfitter
MrGarycoww 2 måneder siden
Frickin beast
SaLVeTa Sport
SaLVeTa Sport 2 måneder siden
Here is my like, legend HWPO
Cj B
Cj B 2 måneder siden
I was a huge Rogue fan until they cancelled Glassman. My most recent purchases came from Axom (rigs) and again Faster. True story.
Cj B
Cj B 2 måneder siden
Can we let a gender confused male CF athlete compete in the female category now with Bedsore Biden's new policy on the gender confused?
Krums Korner
Krums Korner 2 måneder siden
Thank you for not responding to my game of HORSE. 👌 Helped me realize something: My dad owned many Ferrari’s growing up. I asked him why he would never race the Honda’s that would pull up next to him revving their engines. He said son, if I race them, I have nothing to win and everything to lose. I didn’t understand him. He explained: son, when I beat him, he and the others will just say - well it’s a Ferrari. But if he wins, then I just lost to a Honda - in a Ferrari. Nothing to win, everything to lose. 😉 Thanks for the bump
Benjamin Robert Graham
Benjamin Robert Graham 2 måneder siden
It's always inspiring to see people push the limits of human potential both physically and mentally.
Prad lam
Prad lam 2 måneder siden
Thank you Matt, for being the ideal for us!! Encouraging us to do impossible and inspiring us!!! 🙏 🙏
Matt 2 måneder siden
Your resume only has one word: G.O.A.T.
J Savage
J Savage 2 måneder siden
Unbelievably dominant. You've been a joy to watch.
Sarthak Kumar
Sarthak Kumar 2 måneder siden
Hats off to you man
M. DANIAU 2 måneder siden
retiring at 31 though ^^
Jorge Neves
Jorge Neves 2 måneder siden
Finish on top, its not for everybody
Hillview Mill
Hillview Mill 2 måneder siden
🐐 Mat has been and will be a great inspiration for generations!
Lenny The Dog
Lenny The Dog 2 måneder siden
Master of domination.
daniel herren
daniel herren 2 måneder siden
The 33 dislikes are all the other male competitors from the past 5 years
Pierre-Etienne Plourde
Pierre-Etienne Plourde 2 måneder siden
That gave me legit chills.
Danny Rw
Danny Rw 2 måneder siden
I especially loved the part where they took steroids behind the scenes
Tony Robinson
Tony Robinson 2 måneder siden
"Comparison is a theft of joy". Very powerful words and so true. Best of everything, champ!
Ana E
Ana E 2 måneder siden
Gary Gillies
Gary Gillies 2 måneder siden
"If you have something worth bragging about, you won't need to"....Fittest in Dubai
OFFiCiaL FLaVoR 2 måneder siden
Yall know damn well this dude and every other decent crossfit athlete is doping
Manthan Bhodia
Manthan Bhodia 2 måneder siden
Yousuf Rashid
Yousuf Rashid 2 måneder siden
No Doubt, You are the fittest on earth. Thankyou Mat Thankyou Rogue
Gilberto Llamas
Gilberto Llamas 2 måneder siden
To those 30 people that have disliked this video so far, one question... Why dislike it?
Sergio Castillo
Sergio Castillo 2 måneder siden
Amazing career! Thank you for displaying your amazing talent before us!
CrazyTiger 2 måneder siden
그동안 왕관의 무게를 견디느라 고생많으셨습니다.
mr. mice
mr. mice 2 måneder siden
This is longer and 100x better than the good bye tribute the Patriots gave Brady. Bravo Rogue and thank you Mat.
Best Lofi Beats To Chill
Best Lofi Beats To Chill 2 måneder siden
Thanks for d video.
KinGTeraTino 2 måneder siden
The Tom Brady of Cross Fit Games
Best Lofi Beats To Chill
Best Lofi Beats To Chill 2 måneder siden
This was a good one thank you. And Trust Me! baldr - rainy days on spotify!
jonathan aguilar
jonathan aguilar 2 måneder siden
Thank you Matt truly a legend and inspiration
Ernesto Chavez
Ernesto Chavez 2 måneder siden
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