The Rogue Echo Bike 50 Cal Challenge

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Rogue Fitness

4 måneder siden

Registration is now closed for the first event of the inaugural Rogue Challenge! The goal: be the fastest to burn 50 calories on the Rogue Echo Bike. Anyone with access to an Echo Bike can take part. To view the leaderboard and/or for more info go to
A $10 entry fee gets you into the competition; $25 gets you entry + an official Rogue Challenge t-shirt. Once you’ve completed your 50 Cal Challenge, submit your time and video evidence using the instructions in the Beyond the White Board app. Also be sure to use #ryourogue and tag @roguefitness to share your experience!

Megan McKay
Megan McKay 16 dager siden
Rogue can you do this challenge again?!
aliray7979 3 måneder siden
As someone who owns one, I can confirm that this is what real life horror looks like
Shredded Dad's Garage Gym
Shredded Dad's Garage Gym 4 måneder siden
What's been the fastest time so far?
Ruslan Leksin
Ruslan Leksin 4 måneder siden
Ignacio Aspe
Ignacio Aspe 4 måneder siden
shipping to South America almost triples its price =(
Mike S
Mike S 4 måneder siden
I have an Echo but I have already seen sub :45 times. 😮
Ernest MMA
Ernest MMA 4 måneder siden
Untapped Strength
Untapped Strength 4 måneder siden
Here we go!!!
Ali To
Ali To 4 måneder siden
Dirty Mike
Dirty Mike 4 måneder siden
Echo bike is harder than assault bike. Dont @ me....
j cherry
j cherry 4 måneder siden
how many of yall really gonna pay money so u can show off your airbikes? lol
Ryan W
Ryan W 4 måneder siden
Is there one entry fee to do all challenges or are you paying for each challenge every time?
Frank Steedz
Frank Steedz 4 måneder siden
What was the best time next year?
Dan T
Dan T 4 måneder siden
Does a start by beginning to pedal count or is it only valid if you press “start” and then begin to pedal? This can make a big difference in times.
Jonny Stacks
Jonny Stacks 4 måneder siden
About to try this on my airdyne pro, can't afford a echo bike right now.
James Brewer
James Brewer 4 måneder siden
does echo calculate your weight into it?? wouldnt theoretically a person that weighs 300 pounds be able to burn more calories than a 150 person
Cody Axon
Cody Axon 4 måneder siden
It’s not counting how many calories your body is burning, it’s counting the energy output the machine is capturing. So yes, a larger person could burn more calories, even if the screen shows otherwise.
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen 4 måneder siden
the fact that someone did this in 31 seconds a few years back is insane
Mik Mac
Mik Mac Måned siden
I don't believe that it's just took me3 minuits
getstrongby40 Måned siden
Tha can't be real?
Will Tairea
Will Tairea 2 måneder siden
Someone did (on NOpost somewhere) in 24 seconds
evan miller
evan miller 4 måneder siden
Why did he go so slow in the video? hehehehehehe
rage dogi
rage dogi 4 måneder siden
I did 500cal once. Now, I have nightmare about erg. 🤣
The Noble Savage
The Noble Savage 4 måneder siden
As if 2020 couldn't hurt anymore Rogue gone done this to us.
Mike Sauce
Mike Sauce 4 måneder siden
My gym doesn't have an echo they have a classic. Does that count?
Rogue Fitness
Rogue Fitness 4 måneder siden
Must be on a Rogue Echo Bike to compete in the challenge!
derek alexander
derek alexander 4 måneder siden
I do my work on a 20 year old Shwinn Airdyne, no screen, just pedal as hard as i can for intervals Tabata style!
oz squad
oz squad 4 måneder siden
Use the same due to lockdown in the UK
Rico Jacobs
Rico Jacobs 4 måneder siden
Final kill
Final kill 4 måneder siden
Brian shaw has a echo bike with two moves he burns 50🤣
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