Louie Simmons Talks Westside Scout Hyper

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Rogue Fitness

7 måneder siden

The legendary Louie Simmons - founder of Westside Barbell - talks about the origins of the Reverse Hyper machine and the new Westside Scout Hyper, which features a patented folding mechanism for easy storage and portability.
Learn more at: www.roguefitness.com/westside-scout-hyper
Louie Simmons has been working together with Rogue Fitness since 2009, manufacturing Westside power racks, barbells, sleds and hypers. Now, as part of a new joint venture between the two companies, Rogue is officially running Westside’s entire equipment line. Rogue’s product development team is working to expand this respected line and bring to life the many great ideas that Louie has accumulated over the years and going forward.

B T 5 dager siden
I tried one with two bars where your ankles slide in. Very tight didnt like it. The strap looks less constraining. I put a swiss ball on top a table with ankle weights. The swiss ball is more forgiving than padded table and good for if too weak and cant lift bar.
JoJ CaaC
JoJ CaaC Måned siden
Turn on subtitles (hilarious)
RH4 2A
RH4 2A 2 måneder siden
You have to check rogue multiple times daily in a month I acquired a power bar 10 45lb plates and other various sizes, and this reverse hyper from rogue. Cheaper than buying used
Abilene Albuquerque
Abilene Albuquerque 3 dager siden
Tbh if you’re buying their calibrated steel plates they probably look beat up before they load them on the trucks, it’s been years and they still don’t have better paint jobs.
RH4 2A
RH4 2A Måned siden
@Isaiah 40:22 lol. Unfortunately after you receive your order from rogue it looks beat up and used. Lol
Isaiah 40:22
Isaiah 40:22 Måned siden
Crazy how people are up-selling beat up rogue equipment that's in piss poor condition for more than retail just because of the pandemic. People are disgusting.
Rich's Delts
Rich's Delts 3 måneder siden
Made in china like everything else from rogue
Ewolf5150 2 måneder siden
Half of this statement is true
bodyhard 3 måneder siden
When will this be in stock?
Christoph W.
Christoph W. 4 måneder siden
I just can't help it, the minute I see that a middle-aged gentleman dyes his hair I can't take them seriously anymore.
G0BLiN 6 måneder siden
Not made in the USA
K. Frog
K. Frog 6 måneder siden
I no longer trust Rogue products. Their product reviews are FAKE!!!! Try and leave a 1 star review. It gets pulled immediately after being posted. SHAMEFUL
Rahil 6 måneder siden
I want to badly buy this from Rogue especially given the nod to Louie Simmons, but if I'm left on "Notify Me" for the next couple weeks, I'm going with my side chick Titan's economy reverse hyper.
J 2 måneder siden
@Rahil I don't really understand this machine, but I got one on the way!
Rahil 5 måneder siden
Update: I was fortunate enough to grab one - just came in today. Well put together - always impressed with Rogue's quality.
OB 6 måneder siden
I love the concept and the price is right. I am just not sure this fits tall people like me at 6’8”. I think my feet would rub against the floor and my arms would need to collapse quite a bit to hold the handles. It looks short. Rogue, could you give some feedback?
Michael Howells
Michael Howells 7 måneder siden
Love it
Ben Zhuang
Ben Zhuang 7 måneder siden
Why does he always look so sad
Aaron Dedrick
Aaron Dedrick 7 måneder siden
The Reverse Hyper is the greatest piece of fitness equipment ever invented. I had back issues from ages 18-32 until I bought one. That was 10 years ago and haven’t had a back issue since. Long live Louie!!! ❤️
Dan Wiley
Dan Wiley 7 måneder siden
This looks like the drunk guy that got sprayed with a hose by his neighbor until he walks away.
Isaiah 40:22
Isaiah 40:22 Måned siden
You clearly don't know who this guy is and what he's been through.
nicksulham12 7 måneder siden
You really don’t know who this is?
Proctor Roctor-Doctor
Proctor Roctor-Doctor 7 måneder siden
swing and a miss
Calvin Neal
Calvin Neal 7 måneder siden
Too bad rogue doesn’t keep anything in stock
Garage Gym 411
Garage Gym 411 7 måneder siden
Looking forward to a 'tilting' padded top and carabiner-friendly eyehook (on the pendulum) to allow a cable (from a cable machine/stack) to be connected (instead of using plates) in version 2.0.
Patrick O'Flaherty
Patrick O'Flaherty 26 dager siden
@Garage Gym 411 So what is the benefit / advantage of the tilting pad? What happened to all of Westside's weightlifting equipment? It's not on their website nor is it on Rogue's!
Garage Gym 411
Garage Gym 411 26 dager siden
​@Patrick O'Flaherty - Westside Barbell/Legend Fitness previously sold a Reverse Hyper with a 'tilting' padded top, as well as a deluxe model that also had a 'dual pendulum.' I own the 'infomercial version' of the Westside Scout (aka CoRevolution) that I purchased used for $50.00 from a local Play It Again Sports. I always planned to attach an eyehook of sorts to its pendulum, so that I could hook a cable to it (instead of plates) to make use of a weight stack.
Patrick O'Flaherty
Patrick O'Flaherty 26 dager siden
Is your tilting padded top comment related to that the guy demonstrating the machine, his chest / abdomen is not laying flat on the pad but angled upward in the air and thus not being fully supported with a pivoting-rocking-arching motion (cheating with momentum)?
Dion Dixon
Dion Dixon 7 måneder siden
At $350 + shipping, I'm going to need a little more convincing than a 1 minute and 18 second video. Fortunately, a few others are working on in-depth reviews. Then it's just a matter of waiting until they're in stock.
Dion Dixon
Dion Dixon Måned siden
@Isaiah 40:22 1. Are you really replying to a 5 month old post? 2. I ended up purchasing it a month after this post AFTER others did longer reviews. 3. I simply needed a longer review. I'm not a spontaneous purchaser.
Isaiah 40:22
Isaiah 40:22 Måned siden
Seriously? $350 is a steal. They couldn't have made this thing any cheaper and portable. It's a home gym home run.
George Abercromby
George Abercromby 7 måneder siden
When is this available in Europe?
You Have to Live It
You Have to Live It 6 måneder siden
europe? when will it even be available in the US lol
Macro Abuser
Macro Abuser 7 måneder siden
Amazing for back issues
MrHothead099 7 måneder siden
Can they make the rubber Atlas Stones go up to 300, 400, & 500 lbs?
Plumb Crazy
Plumb Crazy 7 måneder siden
Can’t wait to get one...in three months when they are back in stock for ten minutes.
Oscar Herden
Oscar Herden 7 måneder siden
Probably just make your own
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 7 måneder siden
10 minutes? That long?
Cody 7 måneder siden
“Notify Me”
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 7 måneder siden
That's nice. But I really need a couple pairs of 45s right now.
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 6 måneder siden
@You Have to Live It I finally got some. I won't see them for a month but small victories.
You Have to Live It
You Have to Live It 6 måneder siden
@Wild Bill i bought one of those concrete molds to make myself 2 pairs of 100s for farmer's because 100s are prohibitively expensive, but i think using concrete for normal plate weights would be absurd as well
fnkdrmr86 7 måneder siden
I know right. Nobody cares about this thing right now lol. I need plates!
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 7 måneder siden
@A B I'm not using concrete blocks. I can live with using bumpers. Metal would be more convenient.
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 7 måneder siden
@Armdrag86 their notification stuff is worthless.
J 7 måneder siden
I think $350 is good... now to convince my gym we need one!
Scott L
Scott L 7 måneder siden
rogue could've atleast wearied until they had the thing in stock.
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 7 måneder siden
Yeah but everything is permanently out of stock. And a lot of what is bought is being scalped online.
Sam Zafris
Sam Zafris 7 måneder siden
Louie the GOAT
eric courville
eric courville 7 måneder siden
Hurry up and make more! This is such a tease.
illestdomer2005 7 måneder siden
Louie! You’re so right. I have kept mine assembled all but once because I use it every day! Love it!
zostar 7 måneder siden
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