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This is Rogue’s official live stream of World’s Ultimate Strongman: Strength Island - a one-day competition taking place March 13, 2021, direct from Bahrain. The stream begins at 5:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, running to 9 AM EST. Confirmed participants include Oleksii Novikov, Tom Stoltman, Mikhail Shivlyakov, JF Caron, and many more.

The Event Line-Up:
Axle Death-lift
Mystery Event
Giant Dumbbell Press For Reps
Carry & Load
The WUS 10 Atlas Stone Run

Follow more of the action at roguefitness and worldsultimatestrongman

IRON RIDER-97 Dag siden
11:48 Heights were mentioned wrongly. Aivar is 6.2" not 6.6" Luke is 6.3"(190cm) not just 183cm JF caron is 6.2"(188cm) not just 183cm Tom was 6.8"(203cm) in WSM but mentioned as 207cm(6.10")
RetedRacing Dag siden
There are places in the world where you could have held this event with a crowd.... Florida is pretty nice this time of year... Strange to pretend like its orwellian bullshit total lockdown everywhere.
gnperdue 7 dager siden
Big Loz is brilliant at this!
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma 12 dager siden
100 - 1
Cory Boyd
Cory Boyd 13 dager siden
Cory Boyd
Cory Boyd 13 dager siden
How STUPID is it to have to put the tire under the platform!
Cory Boyd
Cory Boyd 13 dager siden
D. SMITH 14 dager siden
Not well done..missing the most important part as a viewer,where is the time clock,and number of official reps in real TIME...huge mistake...love the competitors..
ARK R khan
ARK R khan 14 dager siden
political repression
ARK R khan
ARK R khan 14 dager siden
Not that beautiful,
Mensagem da Libertação
Mensagem da Libertação 16 dager siden
All wrong,Where are the men from China?? Brazil ?? Japan ??
Mensagem da Libertação
Mensagem da Libertação 16 dager siden
All wrong, Where are the men from China?? Russian ?? Brazil ?? Indian?? Japan?? Coreia do Sul ?? Egito?? Colômbia?? Argentina?? Peru ??
Martin Korn
Martin Korn 16 dager siden
Only one Mateusz Kieliszkowski
T S 16 dager siden
Why didn't they just grab the rope , run till the flag touches then run back till the weights were on the ground , probably would do 5 in 30 seconds .
Mr S
Mr S 20 dager siden
Animal, apparently stacks well with steroids
ОбЖоРкИ k-pop
ОбЖоРкИ k-pop 21 dag siden
Неймовірна сила, Олексій ЧЕМП! Incredible power, CHAMP!
Colyers 21 dag siden
Fire the sound guy
Ruben Zepeda
Ruben Zepeda 22 dager siden
What is that shirt novikov changed into?
Ruben Zepeda
Ruben Zepeda 22 dager siden
Imagine in 5 years or so to have an absolute dominator that is Novikov and we will have this stream to look back on
thui 23 dager siden
Great competition, I just wish the commentators would actually communicate with each other, not at each other.
kat22_Music_playlists 26 dager siden
Ucraine do it !!!!!👍👍👍👍😀
HadesXY 26 dager siden
If you watch it at 2x speed it looks like Crossfit with Demigods
HadesXY 26 dager siden
33:55 he actually pushed the world with his feet down. Not the weight up
HadesXY 26 dager siden
Lets go to an island and endour unimaginable pain because 2020 didn't suck enough Also I love Rob, want him to lift the world
Arjay 27 dager siden
1.nopost.info/throw/lcrChp2nzqGgndE/video&feature=share 2.nopost.info/throw/upepoIK8moyaYac/video&feature=share 3.nopost.info/throw/u5-7fmjbvaCmhpo/video&feature=share 4.nopost.info/throw/r72YnpqWsIuDdsk/video&feature=share 1.nopost.info/throw/q7LPf3nXy4Goddk/video&feature=share 2.nopost.info/throw/zdHaZaC0s42Cj5I/video&feature=share ??????????
ancient persia
ancient persia 27 dager siden
much love to persia! but without the islam....
ancient persia
ancient persia 27 dager siden
let me tell everyone the worst injury is that shield falling against your leg or better yet shin or the anywhere on the front of your bone. that hard steel edge even with soft bands on is not going to help you. second would be the back pain and especially the lower back on those stones. talk about ignore the pain
MTN OPS2 28 dager siden
Cf Caron is French not Canadian lol change his flag
J C 20 dager siden
Ever heard of quebec ?
ancient persia
ancient persia 28 dager siden
get your back surgeries ready! loooool
Kevin Slavin
Kevin Slavin 29 dager siden
Could you imagine having Big Z and Tom Hollands standing over you judging? Yeesh...
Aleko Pancxava
Aleko Pancxava 29 dager siden
Mr Bottom Text
Mr Bottom Text Måned siden
Oleksii proves once again he's worthy!! fKn insane!!
REBORNmusicofficial Måned siden
Truly absolutely amazing event!
Dan B
Dan B Måned siden
Loose rules and inconsistent helpers made for a sloppy event BUT it was entertaining and the right guy won.
Jonathan Måned siden
Thanks very much for streaming this, wouldn’t have ever been able to see it otherwise 👍🏻😁 Where’s Colin Bryce then? He’s usually commentating at most strongman events? Loz was brilliant though
Thomas Andersen
Thomas Andersen Måned siden
Could be nice with a Strong Man Light edition with guys at under 100 KG BW ;)
dethmaul Måned siden
Around 41, you can hear someone crack a beer.
Tyler Amburg
Tyler Amburg Måned siden
THe music has to go for any future events please! But thaank you very much for putting on the event and keeping the guys competing during this troubled time
Maik Häring
Maik Häring Måned siden
What was the name of the contest again? I feel that Loz's commentary partner could've mention it more often 😂
David McCarthy
David McCarthy 12 dager siden
His commentary partner could have repeated more things in general. I think he only said that endurance was important about 50 times, which wasn't enough to really understand the idea.
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Måned siden
It's 100 kilos! It's heavier then that. It's 120 kilos!?!!
Mikey Måned siden
5705 is that the arm wrestling pro lavon back there?
Scootermagoo Måned siden
For those in the future.. You are welcome.
playerseven777 Måned siden
Rauno Heinla smashed the last deadlift. Strongest active deadlifter at the moment! I hope he goes for the deadlift record soon.
Cosmic Mirror
Cosmic Mirror Måned siden
Fact Check ✔‼©️👉deadlift ]*? The shorter competing men have an advantage.. they do not have as far to go
MultiNemsi Måned siden
Eastern Europeans are strongest people on earth!
Adam Hipko
Adam Hipko Måned siden
Really should have put a double pulley system on the flag lift, just waiting for someone to drop that weight on their head.
Shane Reardon
Shane Reardon Måned siden
I don't know if anyone heard them, gloves make that event better. I swear they said it 20 times in 1 minute lol
Jordan H
Jordan H Måned siden
I'm 6'3 95kg . I'm often one of the largest people in a room. It's crazy for me to think that there is someone twice my size and in shape like Tom Stoltman. I'm up to the 3rd event. Think Tom's height really disadvantaged him in the first and 3rd events. He also didn't use gloves in the 2nd event. Really unfortunate.
Jan Černý
Jan Černý Måned siden
This show and shawcalssic were equal on dopest comps in recent years :D i know i know arnolds...but they fell in choosing good events
gruffydd1000 Måned siden
Is this a strongman or tall man competition? Those two things are not the same.
Daniel Shim
Daniel Shim Måned siden
This is a literal showcase of blood, sweat and tears. Great job man.
GuyB GuyB
GuyB GuyB Måned siden
Timestamps: Deadlift 21:55, Ropepull 1:13:00, Giant Dumbell 1:44:15, Medley 2:13:10, Atlas Stones 2:52:10
The Chumps been dumped.
The Chumps been dumped. Måned siden
@1:27:00 JF Karon got the flag stuck in the pulley and the extra friction could’ve impeded him.
DAN-mac Måned siden
I think has to be the worst competition I've ever seen..the footage was awful
Zaxpo Workshop
Zaxpo Workshop Måned siden
Loz was great comments
ben ritchie
ben ritchie Måned siden
Sorry deadlift to day is not a proper deadlift half of them don't even grip the bar
goldtaker95 Måned siden
the main narrator made this very difficult to watch...
Carl Sakyi
Carl Sakyi Måned siden
Imagine a prime Eddie hall, Thor, and Brian competing in this competition. Not to discredit the other amazing athletes; it’s a sick competition regardless 💪🏽
J C Måned siden
Eddie would get stomped
brandon parris
brandon parris Måned siden
I like to watch both athletes at once so I can count the reps for myself..
Green Wendal
Green Wendal Måned siden
Thank you rogue for the free live stream, especially during these strange days. But we really mics on the event stage. Hearing the lifting and the groaning, the blood sweat and tears is a big part of the experience.
[blocked] edited
[blocked] edited Måned siden
Novikov will be tough to beat for the next several years.
Runtimus Måned siden
Christ, that presenter was awful (Not Loz)
Nathan Sederholm
Nathan Sederholm Måned siden
Loz is just easy to listen too. The other guy needs to calm down. Sheesh. Loz calmly explaining something and then mid sentence, Raaaahhhh, Rob Kearney is so charismatic, Raaaahhhh!! Hey, for a first go it wasn't that bad. The cameras being so far away sometimes was annoying. Hire some cameramen.
Safa Bishara
Safa Bishara Måned siden
One of the most disorganized things I have ever watched.
Justin Stephens
Justin Stephens Måned siden
Does this shut people up that Novikov only won WSM because it was about speed?
Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen Måned siden
The Shaw Classic is by far the best test for true strongman strength out of all these competitions. Including WSM. Arnold is still pretty good. Really hope the Shaw Classic blows up and gets really popular.
Hidde de Roos
Hidde de Roos Måned siden
DIsagree, the Arnold Classic is the best.
D L L Måned siden
I appreciate the content. It's a little slipshod, but it's good to see some strongman again.
Karl Ball
Karl Ball Måned siden
Height and bodyweight sure has a lot to do with some of these events, should be done lb for lb and allow for the height difference between the competitors, that way you would really find out who is actually the strongest man.
Anomander Måned siden
production of this reminds me of my early recordings on my My First Sony set... wow. I mean this is basically an insult to both Loz and the guys doing the actual lifts.
MUSCLE GANG Måned siden
Tom stoltman is the new Thor, going to be 2nd or 3rd every year then maybe win WSM once novikov and kieleokswi are going to dominate, Tom just doesn’t have the intelligence to figure the events out fast enough, luke would really need to help him, I mean how did he not wear gloves
chuck bass
chuck bass Måned siden
The timed deadlift was such as a stupid idea. Theres too many variables with the staff trying to put the plates / collar on, sometimes missing the barbell with their initial attempts so the athlete's time has an extra few seconds when it wasn't their fault!!
S Måned siden
What a shower of s**t in the way it's been organized, filmed and staffing. But I have to say that Novikov if I've spelt it right superb all around.
goshdesu Måned siden
All hail Oleksii Novikov!
White Dogman
White Dogman Måned siden
Novikov 💪💪💪💪💪
White Dogman
White Dogman Måned siden
Brilliant 💪💪💪💪💪💪
Dmitry Tkachuk
Dmitry Tkachuk Måned siden
Go Ukraine!🇺🇦
Those gardener gloves for Luke in the rope pull we're well worth the pound from poundland 😅
STEEL BICEPS Måned siden
I lifted 135 kg for biceps 💪. Can you?
Bernice Sua
Bernice Sua Måned siden
I’d seriously admire bodybuilder because there massively beautiful when there larger but Gentle as a grisly bear
Bernice Sua
Bernice Sua Måned siden
Can’t wait too be live in Las Vegas this year
Giovanni Socci
Giovanni Socci Måned siden
So boring..
Jairo Alberto Muñoz
Jairo Alberto Muñoz Måned siden
The worst video transmission
Jonas C
Jonas C Måned siden
The deadlift was a joke . Why not do a medley of u want a deadlift event for time? I would call it a loading the bar event for time .
Trudy Stilt
Trudy Stilt Måned siden
That loud commentator won't shut up. Can't hear myself think. He won't let us pay attention to the contest at all. Very distracting.
Aunt Givafok
Aunt Givafok Måned siden
Man! Iran bringin' the heat!!
mehdi Bones
mehdi Bones Måned siden
Ezatpour's mom passed away few weeks before the competition and he lost ten KG of his body weight. He didn't train last days. If he was in his prime he can be number 2 in this competition
Kroshnix Måned siden
You only got to see one guy at a time, and sometimes you didn’t even know who finnished first. And on top of that, there was no timing on the events for the audience to see. After the event you didn’t even get a board showing the results or even the total standing. There is no excuses for this. Imagine this happening in an other sport.. Or is this a sport? But back to the worst thing in this comeptition, it was that one guy got the disadvantage to load the plates himself. When the rest didn’t? Who came up with that idea in the first place? The alternative to have people load plates was probably even worse tho. A guy could win because his loaders did a faster job for him than an other guy. Seriously? The average Joe like me that’s interested in sport but not a gym freak himself already think it’s borderline show/cirkus more than a sport when there is no drug testing and that records can be set in their own gyms. And when you get to see a competition, this is what you get? For marketing purpose it would have been better not to broadcast this show. A 15 year old youtuber could have made a better TV production. I feel sorry for Loz because he did a great job. At the same time, didn’t Loz, Zydrunas etc have any contact with the production team? Shouldn’t they have been able to influence the producer that you need to ser both athletes etc?
mary buster
mary buster Måned siden
Great live show congratulations to all the athletes
Mellow NES Superstar
Mellow NES Superstar Måned siden
I wish I could have married big L. Lucky lady 😉
Buddhas' Palm
Buddhas' Palm Måned siden
honest question. Are all these guys natural or on the juice?
J C Måned siden
ryan macdonald
ryan macdonald Måned siden
How about you get someone who can actually lift the 25 pound plates!!!!! It gets so bad! The announcers do not acknowledge it at all!!!!
Mr Shinybald
Mr Shinybald Måned siden
Look, I think the stream for the shaw classic was better, however .... finally a stream for a world strongman competition... there's things to iron out but.. Not bad
ryan macdonald
ryan macdonald Måned siden
Worst First event I've ever seen, the plate loaders were the real winners and losers.
sop Av
sop Av Måned siden
And terry hollands getting confused with timed event and he's a judge lol
sop Av
sop Av Måned siden
Worst contest I have ever seen!. Deadlift event was a joke
Juliussmoothie Måned siden
3:41:07 Tom Stoltman wasnt on there?
MUSCLE GANG Måned siden
Time stamps ?)
GuanJun 1
GuanJun 1 Måned siden
That was thoroughly enjoyable. Congrats to all competitors.
MUSCLE GANG Måned siden
It’s not good the format of the deadlift, the helpers are being inconsistent with how long it takes them to put the plates on, makes it very unfair not a very good way to do it
Владимир Служавый
Владимир Служавый Måned siden
Почему нет нормальной статистики?
MUSCLE GANG Måned siden
Equality you use slaves all over the place there don’t pretend your not using Indians for 250£ a month
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