Full Live Stream | Trey Mitchell 400KG Deadlift For Reps Record Attempt

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Rogue Fitness

7 måneder siden

Watch live, Sunday September 20th at 1PM EDT, as Trey Mitchell attempts the 400kg deadlift for reps record. Head referee will be Zydrunas Savickas and commentary by Big Loz and Mark Boyd.

Mitchell Wilson
Mitchell Wilson 4 måneder siden
He’s from my hometown
X- Prime
X- Prime 4 måneder siden
He was alone whole time. Loaded the bar alone. Respect my friend, you did a good job👍🏻💪🏼
Alessio Augugliaro
Alessio Augugliaro 6 måneder siden
Well, he load the bar all his warm up sets with out lift it, even her weight all his plates of course it make a lot tired. N spend lot of energy
Orlando Pockets
Orlando Pockets 6 måneder siden
part of being a champion is being smart. this was not smart.
Alessio Augugliaro
Alessio Augugliaro 6 måneder siden
Why? Its that true that he want to do evwryrhing alone?
K. Frog
K. Frog 6 måneder siden
I no longer trust Rogue products. Their product reviews are FAKE!!!! Try and leave a 1 star review. It gets pulled immediately after being posted. SHAMEFUL
American Bull
American Bull 6 måneder siden
Awesome. He’s going to be on top soon!
doug 7 måneder siden
Its interesting that the reign add said its ingredients are from nature. Most of the people they sponsor probably aren't concerned with being natural lol
TNM001 7 måneder siden
did he draw the short stick? he wasn't rdy, said he didn't train well, was alone in a shed... looked improvised. but hey, a show is a show ;)
Zachary Diaz
Zachary Diaz 7 måneder siden
Damn imagine watching all those commercials live just for 2 reps 😂 good try tho
kneeggur kneeggur
kneeggur kneeggur 7 måneder siden
He probably did it for exposure . He wasnt even close to beating the record
James Healy
James Healy 7 måneder siden
Loading the bar yourself is gonna wear the back out . You won’t feel it until you try a world record .
James Anderson
James Anderson 7 måneder siden
Much respect to Trey! Can't believe you loaded and lifted... without a suit! At this point I don't think anyone cares that you didn't get 6 reps. You have so much respect for even attempting this! Good luck in your future strongman endeavors.
Edfigo Casio
Edfigo Casio 7 måneder siden
i cant help feeling sorry for him .. but fair f..ks to him .. Legend
J Lian
J Lian 7 måneder siden
Feel sorry for yourself u fuvk
alf skjerve
alf skjerve 7 måneder siden
He used to mutch energy prepping every thing alone!!!Why was no one helping him?
Todd Sulli
Todd Sulli 7 måneder siden
This guy lives not far from me. I’m happy to see a hometown guy doing great things!
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson 7 måneder siden
Some days you have it, some days you don't. He'll get it some time.
seife41 7 måneder siden
Whats wrong wtih the live chat, everybody is so dumb.
seife41 7 måneder siden
Trey you are awesome!
MARY JANE LONG 7 måneder siden
Way to go Trey, your family is so proud of you.
MrStacker1965 7 måneder siden
Expended too much energy doing his own set up.
Marcus Orillius
Marcus Orillius 7 måneder siden
Trey, I will load and weigh your weights for you next time. Great job buddy!
paddathehutt 7 måneder siden
Great bit of exposure for Trey. Disappointing result but may have earned himself few more fans. I love seeing these kind of formats, although my favourite was probably the masters deadlift with Terry Hollands a month or so ago. It's a good chance for these guys to get some competitive drive going, and also to continue to get their stories out there.
Luke Parsons
Luke Parsons 7 måneder siden
He’s obviously strong, and 2 reps with 400 kg is world class, but was this really worth doing a world record attempt..? He barely got two. He’d have to do what he did PLUS the former world record to get the new record. This was a huge waste of time.
King Cobra
King Cobra 7 måneder siden
You all shall inherit the power of strength from this stream ( i am from Germany so if my grammar is off sorry)
Yποδουλος Εnslaved1969
Yποδουλος Εnslaved1969 7 måneder siden
Well done Trey !!!!
MäXä 88
MäXä 88 7 måneder siden
I dont know, this feels very stupid to look that guys trying to break world records in garage or gym and there isnt even referee at present! How realiable is that scale?! These are nothing more than stream records, not a official world records, those can break only in official competition. Godammit Hafthor what have you done to this sport...
TNM001 7 måneder siden
it's up to the organisation to represent with a record. if they do it in a way where questions will be asked, their fault, they will just tarnish their reputation. and yes, i would have expected at least another person there doing the plates. it looked strange.
Aspire 7 måneder siden
Blame covid.
akysingan 123
akysingan 123 7 måneder siden
For me,its sad to see that trey was alone,no support but he lifted 400 without suit and he loaded all the weights. A true champion.
Dabney Stephens
Dabney Stephens 7 måneder siden
Pretty awesome considering his age think he has a great future.
Pufferfox Pufferfox
Pufferfox Pufferfox 7 måneder siden
Thomas Mcleod
Thomas Mcleod 7 måneder siden
Good job.🍀🍀🍀🍀
Richard Young
Richard Young 7 måneder siden
Looks like a young Paul Anderson give him respect!
Dan Blyth
Dan Blyth 7 måneder siden
Paul Anderson 🙄
Black Lit. Black Hist.
Black Lit. Black Hist. 7 måneder siden
A few more of these two rep maxes, Zdrundas will want some qualifiers before he "wastes" his time.
YouTube Connolly family
YouTube Connolly family 7 måneder siden
If he had someone to help him lift the weights he probably would’ve got two more up. Wasted energy doing all that.
Dan Maler
Dan Maler 7 måneder siden
Also if he had a suit.
Black Lit. Black Hist.
Black Lit. Black Hist. 7 måneder siden
Mark Boyd accidentally answered honestly about the suit. Without the suit 340 kg. with the suit 400 kg. Big Loz was like, "Wow!"
Alessio Augugliaro
Alessio Augugliaro 6 måneder siden
Suit give u at least 20kg
Vincent Chao
Vincent Chao 7 måneder siden
@Dan Maler His explaination is accurate though, just look at Benni he gets nothing out of the suit and infact probs lifts worst in suit and straps then raw.
Dan Maler
Dan Maler 7 måneder siden
So are you saying that Loz wasn't being honest when he said that a suit only give him 15 kg extra on his lifts?
YouTube Connolly family
YouTube Connolly family 7 måneder siden
I feel bad for Trey he has no one there to help him with these weights. If he does seven that will be so impressive knowing he loaded them all himself and weighed them all himself.
Dan Maler
Dan Maler 7 måneder siden
Poor guy had to load all the weights onto the scale himself and then load all of the weights onto the bar himself. You can tell it was taking a lot out of him physically. He was sweating the whole time and bending over to catch his breath. I'm sure that was very tiring/draining for him. All the other lifters in previous videos had all of that done for them AND they all wore suits. Trey didn't even have a suit on. This guy was at a MAJOR disadvantage. Had he had the chance to lift this weight under better conditions (air conditioned room, letting others load the weight for him and had a suit on), he would have lifted more.
seife41 7 måneder siden
You dont know, he might have a reason for this
Black Lit. Black Hist.
Black Lit. Black Hist. 7 måneder siden
It was his choice. He could have gotten family members or some kids from the neighborhood to help him out.
YouTube Connolly family
YouTube Connolly family 7 måneder siden
I loved that video they did of Trey. I didn’t know too much about him other than seeing him in competitions. As a American I will definitely be rooting for him from here on out. Must be so cool to go to your first competition ever and come in first place and realize that you’re really really strong LOL
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 7 måneder siden
A little equipment and an assist loading might have added a rep. Ought to at least have the benefit of what Joe Average gym bro has on any given deadlift day. Can we get this kid a deadlift jack sponsorship?
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 7 måneder siden
@Wild Bill But he has a deadlift jack, Swifty.
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 7 måneder siden
Average gym bro can't pull half of that.
GuyB GuyB
GuyB GuyB 7 måneder siden
The 400kg lift starts at 27:40 approximately.
Ipso Jure
Ipso Jure 7 måneder siden
Nice lifting, bit of an off day probably. Can‘t wait to see a one rm at some point.
NUDPNDNCE *** ND 7 måneder siden
Love to c it especially all by himself loading and weighing all his own plates taking on this challenge, all u keyboard worriors couldn't do anything close...wsm winner in the future definitely....
NUDPNDNCE *** ND 7 måneder siden
Ya its also (see) not( c )u forgot that one...thanks for that important input tho....
Dan Maler
Dan Maler 7 måneder siden
warriors* not worriors.
haptiK 7 måneder siden
the lift starts at nopost.info/throw/z77Fm5ir0GJ7c5o/video and he does 2 reps. just saved you 35 minutes of your life.
Andrei Visoiu
Andrei Visoiu 7 måneder siden
Arkadio 7 måneder siden
nonsens what is even a point of this? huge respect for 400kg lift to anyone no doubt but cmon did this boy seen Rauno week ago?
Noodsy 7 måneder siden
If you've got no competitions due to covid and WUS throws you a bag of cash to lift 400kg for max reps in a couple of weeks you don't say no.
D T 7 måneder siden
This "boy" is more capable than half the line up at WSM this year. He deserves and has earned his chance to compete.
Cal Glen
Cal Glen 7 måneder siden
This "BOY" finished in the top 10 at WSM last year... he was also Americas strongest man the year before....
Robin Muirhead
Robin Muirhead 7 måneder siden
Well done Trey, done with a lifeless bar and weights!
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